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OK pic5Hi, I’m Christopher Brasted, and Boutique Robots is my baby. I believe in art, science and industry in equal measure, and robotics as an expression of these characteristics of humanity. There are many aspects of robotics which I’m not sure about; principally, should we even be doing it? The painting robot is for me, a rather elaborate joke on myself: I like drawing and painting, so why build a mechanical dog and bark myself? It’s a challenge, it’s my way of getting a grip on the digital revolution.

That’s another thing I strongly believe; the digital revolution is a very profound change in human civilisation. We will still be making sense of it three generations from now, at least. If civilisation makes it that far in the face of some rather serious global challenges. The APRIL project brings in some lightweight bits of digital control of hardware, a little artificial intelligence, some low level machine vision, and, of course, the internet. Maybe I’ll go a little further, but the last laugh’s on me.

I hope to push the envelope a bit more on stylish robotics, so watch this space.