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The joys of spring

It was such a nice day that I felt it would be wasted if I didn’t go for a walk in the park. The walk was duly gratifying, and on the return leg I saw a whole load of shocking pink nylon cable ties littered on the pavement. Clearly someone had dropped or spilled them unknowingly.  They were the exact same size as the ties used to hold my RepRap together. I went to walk on, dithered, and went back to pick them up. The unfortunate who’d dropped them might or might not come back, who could know? As it was they were a pretty visible bit of litter, so I overrode any embarrassment picked them all up. So now at the back of the queue, there’s a robot or gadget to be accessorised with shocking pink cable ties. What would go nicely? Black? Gunmetal? And so the hoard grows…

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